Sewer Maintenance Fees

Estimated Monthly Maintenance FeesSewer Maintenance Fees begin once a property is connected. The estimated monthly maintenance fees are based on the amount of wastewater that is generated from a property or property type. Once a property is connected and using the system, maintenance fees will be collected.

Residential Properties

Residential properties will be charged these maintenance fees through property taxes, while commercial properties will be charged based on monthly use of the system on monthly water bills.


Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU) is based on a formula determined by assessment engineers to measure a property's demand on the facilities, and particular benefit it received from those facilities or infrastructure. The formula is as follows:

  • Commercial - EDUs Vary
  • Mobile Home Per Unit -.60 EDUs
  • Multi-Family Per Unit -.75 EDUs
  • Single Family Residence - 1 EDU

View the maintenance and operation fee cost study.