Current Rates

How to calculate my bill?

Calculator Image Click here to use a billing calculator to estimate your bill using the proposed rate structure.

Calculate how many cubic feet or HCFs on average you use.

In the first tier calculate the first units up to four and multiply the dollar amount by number of units, then if you fall into the next tier - Tier 2, multiply the number of units by the Tier 2 dollar amount, followed by Tier 3 if applicable. Then add all totals together with the your monthly fixed charge.

EXAMPLE: New Rates Residential home that uses 6 units of water; Tier 1: 4 units x $3.65 = $14.60; Tier 2: 4 units x $6.17 = $24.68; 5/8 inch fix charge = $20.75 ; Charges = $60.03.

For Mobile Home and Multi-Residential Rates calculate similar to the Residential Home but include a multiplier of the number of dwelling units that make up the property. 

EXAMPLE: 2 Dwelling Units ; Tier 1: (4 units x $3.65) x 2 Dwelling Units = $29.20, etc.

Sample Bill

On January 22, 2020, at 5:30 pm, the Hi-Desert Water District Board of Directors held a public hearing on the water rate structure. The current rate structure was adopted, reducing the number of tiers from four to three. Mobile homes, multi-residential, Irrigation, bulk, and CIMIS customers are now included in the same tiered structure as residential. 

Proposed Tiered Thresholds

Tiered Water Use

1 HCF = 1 Unit = 100 Cubic Feet = 748 Gallons

Previous rates compared to current rates.

Proposed Rate Structure

Rate Study and Notice

Postcard Notice

In addition to the Water Rate Hearing Notice, customers received a supplemental postcard. The purpose of the postcard was to notify customers of changes that reflect a reduction in current rates that was not previously identified.