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Commercial Meter Purchase Application

  1. All Meters
    All Hi-Desert Water District meters are to be installed within one year from the date of purchase. Requests for extension should be received prior to that expiration date.
  2. Commercial Services
    Commercial services may be required to have backflow protection. Contact the District’s Cross-Connection Specialist for information at 760-365-7412
  3. Acquisition
    Meters cannot be installed until Hi-Desert Water District receives the fire protection letter, if applicable. The Acquisition of Service Fee does not include meter installation charges, which are billed at actual cost upon meter installation and can vary based on the type of installation.
  4. Meter Installation Types
    Meter Installation Types based on 5/8 inches meter:
  5. Level 1
    Basic attachment of meter. No additional plumbing or equipment required. District supplies meter, ball valve, check valve and possibly meter box.
  6. Level 2
    Stub to property exists at the location. Plumbing required to complete the installation. The district supplies materials in addition to those in Level 1 installation. A tractor may be required.
  7. Level 3
    No existing service facilities to property. District installs all required materials. Must tap into active water main (hot tap) on property side of street. Minimal paving may be required. Requires tractor.
  8. Level 4
    No existing service facilities to property. The district installs all required materials. Must tap into active water main (hot tap) on the opposite side of the street from property May require paving removal/replacement and pipe boring equipment.
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