How will it protect groundwater quality?

Septic system discharge leaves behind nitrates and other contaminants that are absorbed into the soil and eventually reach the water that is stored naturally underground in our aquifer. These contaminants degrade the quality of our aquifer over time. Hi-Desert Water District relies on groundwater from the aquifer to deliver clean, safe drinking water to your home.

This project would replace septic systems and their negative environmental impacts on water quality with a sewer system that collects wastewater and delivers it to a treatment plant, where it will be processed and treated until it is clean enough to be recharged into the aquifer without compromising water quality.

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1. Is a wastewater collection and treatment system necessary?
2. How will it protect groundwater quality?
3. What are the State’s Septic Discharge Prohibitions?
4. What happens if I don’t comply?
5. Why not just treat the water at the wells that produce the water before serving it to customers? Isn’t that easier?
6. How many months after the Assessment District approval, will construction start on the new sewer lines and plant?
7. Will the treatment facility smell?
8. What will happen to the water after it is treated?
9. Are the roads going to be repaved during Phase 1, after the sewer line is installed?