The standby fee is an availability charge for all unimproved properties within the Hi-Desert Water District (HDWD) service area. The fee covers the shared costs of water facilities, ensuring service will be available to a parcel when needed.

Rates & Charges

The charge is set annually, based on the parcel size and assessment rate. The annual standby assessment is reflected on the property owner's tax bill, which is mailed out twice a year by the San Bernardino County Assessor's office.

Establishment of the Standby Fee

The standby fee was established by the Board of Directors in 1969. The Board holds a public hearing before establishing the charge for the coming year. No changes to the fee were recommended for the 2023/2024 fiscal year.

Assessments Rates

Rates are based on the proximity of the property to District facilities. In no case will the standby charge on any parcel exceed $1,000.

Unimproved Categories

Unimproved Category 1

Unimproved category 1 parcels are located within 2,640 feet of an existing District water pipeline. Fees are:

  • $20 per parcel for each subdivision lot
  • $20 per parcel for the first 2.5 acres of land or portion thereof, and $10 per acre for each acre or portion thereof exceeding 2.5 acres

Unimproved Category 2

Unimproved category 2 parcels are located more than 2,640 feet from an existing pipeline. Fess are:

  • $4 per acre for each acre or portion thereof exceeding 1 acre
  • $4 per parcel less than 1 acre in size

All parcels larger than 1 acre will be computed to the nearest one-tenth acre.