Water Use Restriction

Recent experience has taught us that water efficiency has to be a way of life in California and not just in response to drought. By always using water wisely and avoiding waste, we ensure it is available when we need it, whether for residential and business growth or to endure in longer and more severe dry periods. The prohibition on wasteful water use was ordered by the governor in 2017 and includes these permanent restrictions:

  • Avoid outdoor irrigation during and within 48 hours after measurable rainfall
  • Drinking water may not be used in decorative fountains and water features that do not recirculate the water
  • Sprinkler runoff is prohibited, as is hosing off sidewalks, driveways and other hard surfaces
  • When washing cars, hoses must have a shutoff nozzle

Penalties for Water Waste

The District is in Stage 2 Mandatory Water Use Restrictions, which carries the following penalties:

  • First violation - written notice
  • Second violation - $25 fine on the water bill
  • Third violation - $50 fine on the water bill
  • Subsequent violations - $100 fine or more on the water bill

Ordinance 68 (June 17, 1992)

In response to water conditions in the Warren Valley Basin, Hi-Desert Water District adopted Ordinance 68. Subsequent Emergency Orders shall supersede parts of this Ordinance when there is a conflict such as:

  • No hose washing of the following unless required by a regulatory agency for health or safety reasons:
    • Any Hardscape
    • Driveways
    • Parking Areas
    • Patios
    • Porches or Verandas
    • Sidewalks
    • Walkways
  • No water shall be used to clean, fill, operate or maintain levels in decorative fountains that don't have a recycling system.
  • No person shall knowingly permit water to leak from any facility within his/her premises.
  • Irrigation and watering are allowed between 5 pm and 9 am up to three days a week.
  • Water shall be allowed for construction purposes, including debrushing of vacant land, compaction of fills and pads, trench backfill and other construction uses, but shall be used in an efficient manner and not result in a run-off. A representative of the owner or builder shall be on-site during such water use. The use of "rainbird" type sprinklers is not recommended.
  • Potable water from within the District shall not be used to maintain dirt roads without application to the District.
  • Restaurants shall provide water to customers only upon request.
  • Non-commercial washing of privately owned vehicles, trailers, motor homes, buses or boats will not be permitted except a bucket and a hose equipped with an automatic shut-off nozzle which may be used for a quick rinse.
  • No use of water for any purpose, except as provided herein, which results in flooding or run-off onto hardscape, driveways, streets, adjacent lands or into gutters shall be permitted.

Penalties for Violation of Ordinance 68

Response to a violation will depend on whichever is the latest regulation violation protocol. For example, if a violation is issued during Stage 1 implementation, Stage 1 violation protocol will be followed:

  • First violation - warning notice.
  • Second violation - written notice of second violation, and a warning of flow restriction devise or possible shutoff upon a third violation. In addition, upon a commercial or multi-family service receiving the subject Second Violation, the District may install an irrigation meter (at the customer's expense). Within 20 days of such installation, the commercial or multi-family service must have undertaken to install all the necessary connections to the irrigation meter.
  • Third Violation - The General Manager may direct the installation of a flow restriction device or shut-off of service for a period of no less than 48 hours.


Appeals of any section of Ordinance 68 of the District's drought contingency plan may be made in writing to the Conservation Coordinator, who may issue a variance for water use. If the applicant for appeal disagrees with the decision, the request may be appealed to the General Manager. If the General Manager and the applicant are unable to reach an accord, the request for appeal shall be heard by the Conservation Committee of the Board of Directors who shall then refer it to the Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled meeting with a recommendation for approval or denial. All appeals shall be reported monthly to the Board of Directors as part of the Manager's Report.

What Hi-Desert Water District Customers Can Do to Conserve Water

  • Check for leaks on your property to minimize water waste.
  • Sign up for Hi-Desert Water District's "High-Efficiency Toilet (PDF)" Rebate Program to minimize water use for your bathroom.
  • Sign up for the Department of Water Resources' Turf Replacement Program to replace turf with drought-tolerant landscaping.
  • Hi-Desert Water District is now accepting water waste reports online, over the phone and in-person (at the office).
  • The District's lobby features free water conservation products for customers such as water bottles, water-saving hose nozzles, and collapsible pet bowls. Supplies are restocked Monday mornings. Additionally, customers may request a free water-efficient showerhead by emailing the Hi-Desert Water District or calling 760-365-8333.