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Hi-Desert Water District

  1. Commercial Meter Purchase Application
  2. FOG Waste Discharge Inspection Application

    All commercial businesses must fill out an application prior to discharging.

  3. Grease Interceptor Exemption/Variance Request Form

    Installation of grease interceptors(GI) is required at most food service and potential FOG producing facilities and Oil Water... More…


    This form contains the minimum information dental facilities must submit in a one-time compliance report as required by the EPA in the... More…

  5. Report Water Waste
  6. Water Shutoff Policy Request Form
  1. Contact Us
  2. FOG Waste Discharge Permit Renewal

    All Commercial businesses must complete a FOG Waste Discharge Permit Renewal form every 12-months to continue discharging.

  3. Interested Contractor Application

    An application form to be completed by contractors interested in completing private property connections and receiving reimbursement... More…

  4. Report a Concern - Sewer Project
  5. Vacant Lot or Unoccupied Business FOG Application Notification

    This form is for commercial properties that are either vacant lots or businesses that are closed at the time of submission. Closed... More…