Water Quality

Water Quality

Water delivered by Hi-Desert Water District is clean and safe! The proof is in the hundreds of water quality tests performed each year by certified staff in our Water Quality and Production Department. Testing is conducted at well sites and numerous locations throughout the distribution system and additionally when a well or any portion of a mainline is repaired.

Sample Analyzation

Water samples are collected weekly and analyzed by an independent, state-certified laboratory, and the results are sent to the District and the California Department of Health Services for review. Tests are run for regulated substances such as bacteria, nitrate, chromium, and others to make sure Hi-Desert Water District water meets all state and federal water quality standards.

With these rigorous testing procedures, the public is assured that the water delivered to their home is clean and safe. Each June the District sends customers a water quality report detailing the tests and results.

Water Quality Reports

Hi-Desert Water District publishes an Annual Consumer Confidence Report based on the water quality test results reported annually to the State to ensure that all current drinking water standards are met. 

2021 Water Quality Report (PDF)

2020 Water Quality Report (PDF)

 2019 Water Quality Report (PDF)

 2018 Water Quality Report (PDF).

 2017 Water Quality Report (PDF).